AEI exists to provide the private sector Owner, Architect, Contractor or Developer, in California, and nation-wide, with complete building design services.


Our goal is to design “Solid Solutions” and give “Seamless Service.”

Core Values

We Model Integrity By:

  • Doing what we say. Our word is good.
  • Honoring our commitments. We are trustworthy.
  • Designing for quality. No cutting corners
  • Charging fair and reasonable fees.
  • Striving for wisdom in all that we do.

We Model Competence By:

"Solid Solutions"

  • Efficient layouts – sized and arranged to best suit the use and occupancy
  • Choicest systems and materials - appropriate for the task and budget
  • Coordinated trades and disciplines - "things fit"
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional designs - pleasant to the eye and soul
  • Compliant with codes and regulations – for peace of mind
  • Complete, accurate contract documents without ambiguity – for competitive bids and minimized cost changes

"Seamless Service"

  • Full attention to the project from beginning to end
  • Well managed, planned and executed projects
  • Complete and on-going communications
  • Proactive in solving issues


The roots of AEI go back to the late 1940’s when John Cline formed a design firm in the Bay Area to fill a need in the post-war building boom in Central and Northern California. Jim Agee joined the firm in the early 50’s. Both graduated from Cal Berkeley with degrees in Civil Engineering. The firm incorporated as Cline, Agee and Swedin, aka CAS, in 1966 when architect Roy Swedin joined.

Central Coast Construction, a general contracting firm, was formed in 1960 to provide Design/Build services with CAS. For 42 years, CCC and CAS served the private industrial/commercial markets, first along the Central Coast of California, then throughout the Western US.

In 1992, Scott Agee took over as President of both CCC and CAS after rising through the ranks from janitor (in high school) to draftsman (pencil and parallel) to Engineer-In-Training to Project Engineer to Owner. The companies were moved to the Sacramento Area in 1995.

The decision was made in 2002 to dissolve Central Coast Construction in order to focus on providing top-drawer, client-centered, building design and engineering services - our original passion. It was also time to change the name with the change in focus; thus in 2003, CAS became Agee Engineering, Inc.

AEI intends to expand its market share in the provision of building design and engineering services to industrial, private sector Owners, Contractors and Developers in California and throughout the U.S. Our primary market is the textile rental industry followed by the food processing, manufacturing, and warehousing/distribution industries.